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Ergonomic Sitting - how to sit correctly

How To Sit Properly at a Desk to Reduce Back Pain

Every year millions of people experience back pain and studies have revealed those with sedentary jobs top the list of back pain sufferers. While some may seek medical attention, others may turn to massage and over-the-counter medications to relieve pain.

A good number of back pain patients, however, have used alternative medicine like chiropractic for lower back pain treatment and the results have been positive. Regardless of what means you use for back pain relief, if your job requires that you sit for most of the day hunching over a keyboard, then you must learn the correct desk chair posture.


Here is what you need to do.

  1. Sit up straight and ensure your buttocks can touch the end of the chair

    Most times, after sitting for long hours you may want to slouch down in the chair to relax your back. Don't remain in that position.

    If your back aches, get up from your chair and do some back exercises or walk around. Slouching down in your chair puts a strain on the structures in your lower back.


  1. Rest your elbows and arms on the armrest

    You need to keep your shoulders relaxed. Slumped shoulders can cause pain in the neck and back. You may need to adjust your armrest if your arms and elbows are not resting comfortably on it.

    An office chair with armrest helps to decrease strain on your upper spine and shoulders. It also prevents you from slouching down in your chair. When you are seated correctly, your armrest will slightly lift your arms at the shoulders.


  1. Put the monitor a few inches above eye level

    For your neck to stay relaxed, your monitor should not be too far from you. If it is, you may have to push your neck forward to see what's on the screen. You should seat at least 20 inches away from the screen.

    While sitting comfortably on your chair with your head facing your computer, try closing your eyes and open it slowly. Fix your gaze on the centre of the computer screen.

    If the screen is too high or too low as you focus on it, then you will either have to raise or lower your chair until your gaze is at the centre of the screen. This helps to reduce the strain on the upper spine.


  1. Keep your keyboard close to you

    If you sit up straight, stretching your hands and neck too far may cause pain in the back. It is advisable to keep your keyboard directly in front of you.

  2. Keep your feet on the floor

    When sitting in front of your desktop, don't cross your legs. This may stop you from sitting upright. Instead, keep your feet flat on the floor and make sure that your knees are in line with your hips.

    To ensure that your thigh and knee are in the right position, try putting your fingers under your thigh at the edge of the chair. If it slides easily, then you are sitting properly but if it is too tight, you may need to use an adjustable footrest to prop your feet up.

how to sit properly at a desk

In a Nutshell

Maintaining the correct desk chair posture also depends on the chair you use at the office. If you use the right chair, you will be able to reduce back pain.

Apart from spinal adjustment, chiropractor treatment also includes lifestyle modification. You may have to request a new office chair or get chair support that is comfortable, adjustable and durable.

When seeking chiropractic care in Singapore, look for a chiropractor who understands you and who is willing to work with you until you recover. Don't forget to enquire about the chiropractor's qualification and experience.

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