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Mobile Phones: A Burden On Our Backs

In past times, mobile phones that were being used were not so 'handy’ because of the weight. We had phones weighing as much as 900g, but with recent innovations in technology, we have iPhones which weigh as little as 174g. However, this reduction in weight continues to put an unhealthy strain on our necks and backs.

Chiropractic care in Singapore focuses on adjusting the misalignment of the spine and extremities to the normal position after being distorted from its initial alignment due to our phones weighing heavily on our necks and backs.

Different Harmful Phone Handling Practice

1. Gonstead Singapore chiropractors believe that a lot of cases of spinal misalignment can be traced to how we take our calls especially when we want to multi-task such as taking down a phone order, chopping onions in the kitchen while receiving a call. Many people tend to sandwich their phones in between the ears and neck, which consequently puts your neck in an awkward position.

2. The widespread practice of texting on your phone is doing so while erect. This practice results in bringing our necks down a bit to be able to do so. It is likened to holding a 2kg dumbbell away from you, parallel to the ground. While the weight is not noticeable initially, but with time, the strain on the shoulders become noticeable.

The weight of an average adult head is between 4.5-5.5kg so when you tilt your head 15 degrees to text on your phone, the pressure on your neck increases to about 12kg. With increasing angle degree (30 degrees, 45 or 60 degrees), the load on your neck continues to increase accordingly up to approximately 27kg. Compare this weight to the amount of time you spent texting on your phone each day!


Why the concern?

Such phone handling practices give you a poor posture thereby interfering with cervical spine alignment. Eventually, with time, this strain on the cervical spine may result in active wear and tear of joints and soft tissues and at worst, surgery.

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What can be done?

1. Be Conscious

Phone addiction is a tough habit to break. Hence, telling you to keep your phones away may not be comfortable even in chiropractic care. However, it is essential that you consciously make an effort to practice good phone handling practices. It starts with deciding to cut down the number of hours you spend on your phone as this will, in turn, reduce the number of hours your neck and back will be under any form of stress.

2. Good Sitting Posture good sitting posture

While handling your phone in a standing or an erect position will increase the likelihood of aligning your neck awkwardly, depending on how you sit, you can also put your neck in a bad position while using your phones. However, sitting while relaxing your elbows on the desk or table will ensure that you don't have to tilt your neck down while using your phone. That way, you can use your phone freely in a more comfortable and acceptable position.


3. Raise Your Phone to Eye-level

It is recommended that while using your mobile phone, you bring your phone to meet your eye level. This will eliminate the risk of tilting your neck down while using your phone. Preferably, hold your phone as you do while taking a selfie. The idea is whatever you do, don't tilt!

raise phone to eye level

4. Lie Comfortably

This is one of the easiest ways in which you can use your phone. While you can sit with both elbows on the desk as you use your phone, there is a possibility that after several hours, your back may begin to hurt. Lying down while using your phone is more comfortable. In addition to feeling generally relaxed, your neck and back muscles will be spared from a strain. Although if you hold your phone up while lying down, your shoulder muscles will begin to hurt as well after some time.

Finally, good chiropractic clinic Singapore, such as Chiropractic Concepts does provide consultation sessions for anyone who has back or neck pain. Feel free to reach us at so we can help with your condition.

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